Now for your obligations – please follow these guidelines when submitting images for verification:

1. We need at least 3 images per item. ALL of the images must be on a plain white background. They should each be no bigger than 500 pixels wide. You need to use the close-up or macro setting on your camera, usually shown by a small tulip.

2. The images should be one of the front of the item, one of the back of the item, and one of any marks on the back of the item (ie numbers or letters).

3. After you have submitted your request, you will receive a confirmation email. The relevant expert will then contact you when they have evaluated your piece after studying your online images carefully.

4. This is a completely FREE service available to everyone. So please tell your friends about it.

5. When the verification is sent to you it will give you a unique ‘Verification Number’. You can use this on any sites where you offer this piece for sale, to show your customers that your item is genuine and has been verified by experts.

6. Anyone wishing to see the written verification given to you will be able to do so by quoting us your Verification Number for that piece of jewelry. A copy of your verification will be sent to them. This service is completely free of charge.

7. As completely independent evaluators who are not making financial gain from your valuation, it can be clearly demonstrated that your Verification is without prejudice and unbiased and given freely.

8 It has been proven that items which have been Verified sell for much more money on Ebay and other online selling venues. INCREASE YOUR PROFITS NOW AT NO COST TO YOU.

9.  To leave links to your images post them for now in the ‘Comments’ box to be found under any blog post.  This sytem will be updated when the webmaster is back!